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Custom Built Services for your Needs

Accommodating Flexibility and Productivity
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Extensive & Diverse

Manpower Pooling

AlKingsmen gather a group of skilled candidates with desirable qualities ready for deployment at your request

Thorough & Reliable

Screening Process

AlKingsmen conducts comprehensive background checks and interviews to ensure quality and candidate suitability

Precise & Efficient

Matching Process

Collaborating with you in selecting applicants you want to meet so we can align candidate skills with your needs for optimal job placement. 

Collaborative & Optimal

Final Selection

We assist you with choosing candidates and offers an immediate free replacement if they are not up to your standards.

Rigorous and Accurate

Trade Testing

We test the skills of your chosen candidates through experts and accredited trade testing institutions.

Streamlined & Comprehensive

Processing & Documentation

Our supervision ensures the smooth processing of documents for prompt clearance for their deployment.

Supporting and Hassle-free

Ticketing and Send Off Services

You don’t need to trouble yourself with tickets, airport assistance, and departure. We make sure your team reaches you!

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AlKingsmen Special Services

Your Reliable Partner when you visit The Philippines

Airport Reception

AlKingsmen will receive your company representative upon arrival in the Philippines and will assist you with accommodation, city tours, and even Out-of-Town Sightseeing.


Ads Placement Assistance

Want to reach a bigger audience for a more sizable manpower requirement? We will connect you with our extensive advertisement connections.


We offer you a chauffeured van for the use of your company representative during your visit in Metro Manila. We will also assist you in ticketing and flight arrangements.



We are keen on accommodating you. We offer hotel booking assistance at corporate rates and will provide you with our office to use for candidate interviews.